November 29, 2020

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The Aquatic rescue for play leader’s qualification is intended for low risk, shallow water environments. As detailed in the Risk Analysis, if the risk rating is any higher than low then Bronze Medallion rescue skills are required. On successful completion of the Aquatic Rescue Certificate for Play Leaders, participants will have an understanding of risk management and how to undertake a risk assessment using the appropriate forms. Participants will be able to develop and implement an emergency action plan, perform resuscitation and conduct an aquatic rescue in a low risk aquatic environment.

Course Fee $120 per participant (Minimum of five (5) per course).

The cost includes a basic first aid kit and resuscitation mask per participant that they get to keep after the course.

Duration 6-7 hours Face to Face
Pre-requisites: Nil

Entry Requirements:

Reasonable level (AQF level 3) of spoken and written English

  • Participants must have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability to successfully complete the course
  • Work Placement Requirements: Nil
  • Minimum Age Requirements: Nil although the participant must be able to interact in an adult learning environment
  • Certification: Aquatic Rescue for Play Leaders

The AQUATIC RESCUE FOR PLAYLEADERS course contains the following elements:

Introduction Theory – How to Call for help in an Emergency Demonstration / Practical Recovery Position Demonstration and Practice Recovery Position Variations Demonstration / Practical – Adult, Child and Infant Resuscitation Demonstration / Practical Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Scenarios with Ongoing Assessment Theory – Automated External Defibrillator Theory – Communicable Diseases and Hygiene Theory Rescue Principles – Steps in a Rescue Demonstration / Practical – Types of Entries Theory / Demonstration – Characteristics of A Person in Difficulty Theory / Demonstration / Practical – Rescue Techniques Demonstration/Practical – Recover and Resuscitate Theory / Demonstration / Practical – Spinal Management Theory – Emergency Care (DRSABCD) Theory – Accident Report Forms


1. Theory Examination – Answer a series of multiple choice questions on water safety.
2. Swim 25m swim of any stroke
3. Resuscitation Initiative – Demonstrate initiative in dealing with a non breathing person.
4. Rescues – Reach/Throw – Perform a throwing rescue.
5. Accompanied Rescue – Rescue a weak swimmer in difficulty with a flotation aid.
6. Defensive & Escape Techniques – Dressed in swimwear, trousers and long sleeved shirt perform 2 techniques in deep water.
7. Recovery and Resuscitate – Identify a submerged casualty in water, recover and resuscitate the casualty in water less than 2m in depth.
8. Spinal Injury – Apply the extended arm rollover for the immobilisation of  a spinal injury and then wade with the casualty for 5 metres.
9. Rescue Initiative – Demonstrate initiative in effecting a rescue of 2 people who are in difficulty up to 15 metres from safety and whose conditions are unrevealed. Complete a written Incident Report.

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