What is Aquatic Rescue for Group 3 Pools?

This training course is specifically designed for Hotels and other Group 3 Swimming pool owners and operators in Western Australia. It provides the participants with the skills and knowledge to perform basic water rescue in a Group 3 pool environment. The Swimming Pool Rescue Award needs to be re-assessed every three (3) years as outlined in the Health Department of WA Code of Practice for the Design, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities. It is a 3 hour face to face course conducted at your own pool.

Do you arrange for public speaking events?

We also arrange for public speaking events and engagements on aquatic safety, aquatics, lifeguards, and first-aid topics. Our well-trained staff have performed over 550 rescues and 1000 first-aid treatments. Our real stories will not only teach about the importance of safety but will also grip the audience. Ever wanted to know what it is like on the front line of first response? What it feels like to jump out of a helicopter? We can tell you.

What aquatic courses do we offer?

We also offer aquatic training courses such as


  • Hotels – Aquatic Training for Group 3 pools
  • Physios – Aquatic Training for Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy – Aquatic Training for Hydrotherapy
  • Bronze and Grey Medallion
  • Play-Leaders – Aquatic Training for Play Leaders and
  • School Teachers – START School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training


All these courses are available at anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. Feel free to call us and enquire about any courses of interest to you or your staff. The rates differ according to the courses you wish to join, the number of participants and the location.