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Want To Be A Lifeguard? Certification And Testing


March 25, 2021 General

The Western Coast of Australia has some of the most stunning beaches overlooking the expanse of the blue ocean. These beaches are also some of the most dangerous ones, attracting over 1.5 million visitors from across the globe. The safety and security of the people are tasked to the lifeguards who are true professionals. 

Thus lifeguard training is of utmost importance if you want to become one. However, you must note that these training programs are not mere swim classes; they challenge you physically and mentally so that you are thoroughly prepared to be a lifeguard.

Before undergoing any lifeguard training, you must decide what kind of lifeguard you aspire to be. Whether you would like your place of occupation by a pool, beach, or aquatic attractions. Each of these has its own sets of training and job responsibilities.

Pool lifeguards

They have their job responsibilities at the public or private pools, which may be at different depths (4-feet, 6 feet, and more).

Beach lifeguards

They have the responsibility of guarding areas in and around the beaches with open waters.

Waterfront lifeguards

These lifeguards are stationed at waterfronts with non-surf areas in lakes, rivers, or bays.

Aquatic attraction and event lifeguards

These are the lifeguards who guard water parks and other aquatic areas with less than 5 meters depth.

1. Eligibility for lifeguard training For lifeguard training, you must be over 16 years of age. Having a driver’s license and a good driving record is a plus point.

2. You must be over a threshold height and weight for being a lifeguard.

3. You must have the physical strength and capacity to rescue others who struggle in the water. Thus physical endurance is a key criterion for becoming a lifeguard.

4. You must have a perfect vision. Since Lifeguards must be able to spot victims immediately, they must have a 20/20 vision.

 Lifeguard certification

Being able to swim is not enough when it comes to acquiring certification for lifeguard training. You must undergo some important courses that would train you for being a Lifeguard. There are courses designed for specific responsibilities like courses for aquatic attractions, Hydrotherapy courses, and so on. 

These train you the skills that would enable you to efficiently detect, prevent and respond to any rescue emergencies in an aquatic environment. Additional courses give medical first aid to the victims like CPR, medical first aid, and advance first-aid for children and adults.

Besides, lifeguards are trained to use various floatation devices and whistles to be able to communicate effectively through walkie-talkies while handling an emergency.

Lifeguard testing

Once you complete your training, you may take the lifeguard test, which entails a written test as well as a swim test to enable you to test your knowledge and training in a realistic environment. A real situation can differ from training, and this test helps the certifiers ensure that the candidate is fool-proof. 

West Coast Water Safety offers many courses for face-to-face lifeguard training in groups at a suitable location near you. These include aquatic programs as well as first aid programs.

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