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Broome Western Australia

West Coast Water Safety welcomes you. Our lifeguards have recently gained global popularity for their high-level knowledge and skill set. Gaining a reputation for preventing accidents and rescuing those in need is our forte. We at West Coast Water Safety are one such bunch of experienced first-aid experts. In addition, we specialize in event safety and water safety experts you didn’t know you needed.

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We provide courses that introduce the ambitious ones to the life of lifeguarding. Our lifeguard courses at Broome cover many factors. Risk management, communications, first aid, conflict management, aquatic supervision, and more factors. We work towards preparing you well for a life at sea. You will get the best of all worlds – theory and practical components of the study. Learn from the best at Broome Western Australia. Once you complete any lifeguard courses, Broome, with us, you will have the opportunity to advance your career as a facility manager. Other opportunities you can explore are our swim teacher, trainer, duty manager, and many more prestigious titles.


We proudly state that Australia’s highly qualified professional lifeguards, water safety, and event safety experts are West Coast Water Safety team members. Our lifeguard services are widespread on Trigg and Scarborough’s beaches based in Western Australia. These beaches are among the busiest, as besides locals, even tourists visit them regularly. Trigg and Scarborough’s beaches are also identified as being dangerous. However, our experts help ensure that locals enjoy the beauty nature has to provide in a safe environment.

Front House Services

Our front house features regular visitations from volunteer surf lifesavers, lifeguards, rescue helicopters, boats, jet skis, duty officers, and surveillance systems. Our coordination center cooperates in the coastal safety regions to protect the locals from water incidents. Aquatic safety training academy Broom professionals specialize in accident prevention to help you host successful beach side activities.

How do we work at West Coast Water Safety?

Only The Best at Your Service

We provide only the best talent at your service. The screening process for our experts is stringent. Their educational qualifications and experience are thoroughly evaluated before they are welcomed onboard. At Bronze Medallion Broome WA, we ensure that only highly-skilled professionals are stationed for your safety. All our professionals are licensed to provide you their services. In addition, an appropriate number of lifeguards are stationed at each vulnerable spot to ensure that utmost supervision is provided.

Safest Environment to Enjoy the Aquatic Joys

We provide the safest environment for our locals to enjoy the aquatic joys. At Bronze Medallion Broome, WA, highly knowledgeable and skilled lifeguards are responsible for the general supervision and security of the locals. Besides delivering various aquatic facilities, the experts are also trained to prevent and respond to emergencies. All lifeguards at Bronze Medallion Broome WA are trained swimmers. They are experts at making swift water rescues and guide locals to enjoy aquatic life within safe limits.

Flexible Support and Services

The Bronze Medallion Broome WA professionals have completed an accomplished lifeguard course in Broome before stepping into their rules. They are provided training to withstand any weather condition. Be it blistering heat to freezing winds – there isn’t anything that experts at Bronze Medallion Broome WA cannot navigate. We understand that it may get slightly humid with indoor swimming pool services. Still, our professionals put their best foot forward even then. Peak times like Christmas can get incredibly crowded, which is when we double up our services to cover all bases.

Best Tools and Equipment Used

Our course modules cover the most relevant topics. The tools and equipment used during our courses are top-notch. They are designed to provide a real-life experience to those who enroll with us. The safety equipment is keeping up with the latest in the market. All tools and equipment regularly undergo cleaning, which makes it possible for us to offer a safe environment to our customers. Our surf lifeguards regularly patrol beaches using specialized vehicles such as ATVs, surf skis, and power boats. Two-way radio technology is utilized to facilitate our communication services.

What is it like being a lifeguard at West Coast Water Safety?

We only hire experts who are the best at performing their duties. Therefore, to become a lifeguard at West Coast Water Safety, you must fulfill many requirements. All the experts at West Coast Water Safety are well-versed in the following –

  • Create and keep accurate activity reports.
  • Understanding of customer service guidelines.
  • Ensure that the standard procedure and policies are always in full effect.
  • Possess the ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies to ensure the patrons’ safety.
  • Provide swift emergency treatment responses to those in need
  • Ensure appropriate emergency medical personnel are available on site as applicable
  • Ensure all locals are using aquatic sources in a safe manner

All our experts at Grey Medallion Broome WA hold a minimum of the following educational qualifications –

  • Certificate II, also known as Bronze Medallion in Public Safety, covers Aquatic Rescue.
  • Certificate III in Public Safety, which covers Aquatic Rescue.
  • Relevant certification in delivering CPR or resuscitation services.
  • Licensed to deliver first aid services in any given setting. For instance, workplaces, public spaces, private homes, etc.
  • Certificate in delivering the primary response to spinal injuries.
  • National police clearance certificate.
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management combined course.
  • Defibrillation operators certificate.
  • Simulated drowning resuscitation.
  • Working with children certification.
  • National police clearance.

Our rescue craft drivers and drone operators hold the following awards –

  • Recreational Skippers Ticket
  • IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) Drivers Award
  • Awards in the Rescue Water Craft category (RWC)
  • Remote Pilot License (RePL).

What Sets Our Services Apart?

Our mission at West Coast Water Safety is to create a community of rescues who collaboratively work towards ensuring our locals enjoy nature’s beauty safely. We have trained to prevent mishaps such as drowning incidents from taking place.

We want to encourage your love for swimming. No community member feels restricted from using aquatic recreational sources only for reasons. We are working towards ensuring that the gap is filled.

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If you hold an ambition to kick start your career in this field, you can start with the best at West Coast Water Safety. Our lifesaving course, Broome, will be your stepping stone to success. Contact us today to find out all about the courses we have to offer.