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West Coast Water Safety

Provider of professional beach management, open water and pool lifeguard services

West Coast Water Safety is an APOLA-aligned service, which has the most rigorous nationally recognised qualification pathway for professional lifeguards and beach inspectors. WCWS lifeguards are experienced, accredited, skilled and personable. They are proactively alert to prevent water incidents and capable in rescue response. The staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in beach management, with experience from professional lifeguarding at beaches around the world.

West Coast Water Safety promotes and provides best practice in ocean water safety and beach management for councils, schools, sporting groups and triathlons. It provides still water lifeguard services to community events, fun days, corporate and private pool parties.

West Coast Water Safety trains clients in aquatic rescue and response. Trainers upskill and requalify staff from hotels and physiotherapy and hydrotherapy businesses for compliant aquatic safety and rescue training for Group 3 classified pools. They run surf and beach skills sessions for school students.

Training Courses

West Coast Water Safety's Pool Lifeguard National Training package offer training in all the required skills to work as a Pool Lifeguard in all aquatic environments from recreation facilities, learn to swim centres and more. It covers all the skills and knowledge required to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (C.P.R.), Provide emergency care, Administer oxygen in an emergency situation, Perform basic water rescues, Supervise clients in aquatic locations, Perform advanced water rescues and Provide First Aid. West Coast water safety is world-renowned for its high skill and knowledge in accident prevention and rescue response.

Aquatic Courses

This group of aquatic training courses can be customised to suit your specific requirements. We have training courses for hotel staff, Physiotherapists, Hydrotherapists, Child Care staff, school teachers and more who want to keep up with modern supervision and rescue techniques. The water safety education provided in these courses covers the basics needed to meet or better the West Australian legal requirements. These courses can also be presented as professional development for lifeguards an school staff.

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  • Two certification levels: Bronze and Grey Medallion
  • APOLA lifeguard training
  • Professional development for Lifeguards
  • Risk assessment training
  • Safety audits of existing property.

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Aquatic Rescue for Group 3 Pools

This course is for owners and operators of Group 3 classified pools. These types of pools are typically discrete access facilities and commercial developments like hotels, resorts, mining camps, health clubs and serviced apartments where no Lifeguards are provided. The course is designed to impart the basic skills and knowledge required to respond to a call for help. The training and skills provided in this course are focused on timely and accurate life-saving measures.

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  • Basics of water rescue
  • Open water swim safety
  • CPR on adults, children, and babies
  • Resuscitation and recovery techniques
  • How to assess for respiratory failure
  • Rescue and recovery positions.

This course complies with the Health Department’s WA Code of Practice and requires a refresher every three years.

Aquatic Rescue for Hydrotherapy

This course is specifically designed for students of physiotherapy and the rehabilitation industry. This course teaches students how to identify potential aquatic accidents/emergencies and prevent them from occurring while also developing the skills and knowledge needed to respond to emergencies without hesitation and to provide the appropriate emergency care.

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  • How to identify accidents?
  • How to identify emergencies?
  • Skills required to minimize response time.
  • 25m swimming training
  • CPR demonstration
  • Identification of spinal injuries

The course also helps the participants understand the difference between various aquatic environments and basic injuries.


Aquatic Rescue for Play leaders

The Aquatic rescue for play leader's qualification is intended for low risk, shallow water environments. On successful completion of the Aquatic Rescue Certificate for Play Leaders, participants will have an understanding of risk management and how to undertake a risk assessment using the appropriate forms. Participants will be able to develop and implement an emergency action plan, perform resuscitation and conduct an aquatic rescue in a low risk aquatic environment.

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  • Risk assessment in shallow waters.
  • How to develop and implement emergency rescue plans
  • Undertaking risk reduction using appropriate forms.
  • Resuscitation and aquatic rescue
  • Demonstrations and training for recovery positions in adults, children, and infants.

There is no minimum age or work requirement. Parents, grandparents, or other family members can also complete this course.


Aquatic School Programs

This course is designed specifically for school teachers and lifeguards that want to refresh or upgrade their knowledge of the latest water safety techniques. This course is primarily targeted at schools that want to train their staff in the provision of water safety.

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  • Water safety education to give to children
  • How to supervise children
  • Safety audits for pools
  • Safety instruction requirements
  • CPR, resuscitation, and other first aid techniques.

The school water safety course can be completed by schools, universities, and playgroups of any size and age group.

Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion – Full Course

The Bronze Medallion is the minimum standard for swimming supervisors & Teachers (pool). This course will teach you everything you need to know, from personal survival skills to safely carrying out water supervision & rescues. The full course duration is 14 hours (the re-qualification course is 4 hours). Delivery Mode is Face to Face, and there is no pre-learning required. The minimum number required for a group booking is eight. The minimum age requirement for this course is 14 years. Location: The course can be arranged at a location to suits you.

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  • Resuscitation
  • Chain of survival
  • CPR
  • Aftercare
  • 400m Swim (practice)
  • 100m freestyle
  • 100m breaststroke
  • 100m survival backstroke
  • 100m side stroke and many more.

Minimum Age requirements for this course is 14 years

Our Other Services

Don't want to complete a course? Look through our specialised services to find what you're looking for.

Old first aid equipment can be just as dangerous as an inattentive lifeguard. Don't use old equipment for staff training. Use WCWS's expertise to find new Manikins and Equipment. We have the best water safety and first aid equipment available on the West Coast.

Hire or buy the choice is yours

What does the package include?

  • Kenji AIDMAN Pro Adult full-body manikins with real-time feedback.
  • Kenji JW2104 Infant C.P.R. Manikin with real-time feedback.
  • Laerdal LittleAnne QCPR Manikin (half-body)
  • Laerdal LittleJunior QCPR Manikin (half-body)
  • Baby Ann QCPR electronic Manikin
  • Complete a list of equipment that should be included in a first aid kit.

All electronic manikins can be connected to laptops, iPads, mobile phones, and projectors with a free app available in stores.Find your required manikin now.

Require professional lifeguard services to upgrade your security? WCWS’s experience in water and aquatic rescue is the perfect partner you need. We provide both short-term and long-term contracts. Choose a team of lifeguards according to your requirements.

What makes us qualified?

  • Experience in remote piloted aircraft operation, inflatable rescue boats, jet skis, helicopters, etc.
  • Detailed knowledge of all first aid and CPR treatments.
  • Cert 4 Trainers and Assessors.
  • Shire of Gingin Lancelin Triatlon in 2019 and 2020.
  • Winner of three Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships.
  • Winner of WA’s Swimming Open Water Series 2020.

Get started on upgrading your safety now. There is no one better on the West Coast than WCWS!

Are you short on staff? You can hire WCWS’s professional lifeguard services to secure your property. Our staff has detailed experience in the aquatic safety of oceans, hotel swimming pools, and public swimming pools. We have experience with all first aid kits and know all first aid treatments.

What makes us qualified?

  • Experience working Trigg and Scarborough Beaches
  • Experience in dealing with 1.5 million international tourists per year.
  • Winner of three Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships.
  • Winner of two Nutri-grain Ironman Series (Perth and Yallingup)
  • Hands-on knowledge of surf, helicopter, inflatable rescue boat, jetski, and drone rescue.

Hire our experienced staff for a short or long term contract. There are no time restrictions.

Looking to increase the water safety awareness in your team? Hire our staff of Cert 4 Trainers and Assessors to instruct on water safety. Our staff has completed over 1000 first aid treatments and is the perfect candidate to help you spread awareness.

What does the package include?

  • Importance of having certified lifeguards.
  • Methods and techniques to upgrade welfare.
  • CPR techniques
  • First aid requirements in lifeguard huts
  • Real stories of search and rescue

We can also instruct your team on specific first aid and aquatic subjects.

West Coast Water Safety staff are amongst the most experienced Lifeguard, water safety and event safety staff in Australia. Our staff are professional Lifeguards drawn from Trigg & Scarborough beaches, two of Western Australia’s busiest and most dangerous; Dealing with 1.5 million international visitors per year. We have helicopter rescue crew, paramedics, nurses, teachers and even an ex Bondi Lifeguard on staff. If you are looking for the most experienced and professional lifeguard team in the country you have come to the right place.

  • First Aid
  • Resuscitation
  • Pool Lifeguard
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Swim Teaching


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