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December 28, 2020

Lifeguard Power craft Ocean Rescue Award (LPCORA) covers knowledge, skills, and understanding of power craft used by professional ocean lifeguards in their workplace which is predominantly an open water beach environment.

LPCORA captures the separate Professional Lifeguard Strands Awards PWC Driver Award (PWCDA) and IRB Driver Award (IRBDA).

As required for the PWCDA and IRBDA, the LPCORA minimum prerequisites include both a current PWC Driver and Boat Driver license as well as currency in the Professional Ocean Lifeguard (POL) Award Annual Proficiency Certificate.

This annually assessed LPCORA enables ocean lifeguards who have attained the nationally accredited unit of competency PUASAR016 to operate and maintain a Personal Watercraft for rescue operations to demonstrate currency for the competencies required in the use of water power craft in ocean lifeguard workplaces.

Professional ocean lifeguards without operating and maintaining a Personal Watercraft for rescue operations can also be assessed annually to retain currency in LPCORA.

Course Length: 4-5 hours
Cost: $198 (Includes JSRA)

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Annual Recertification: 3 hours
Cost: $66

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