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Free Water Safety Activities to Do at Home


January 5, 2023 Aquatic Courses

Water safety activities are significant as they help understand water-related risks. We at West Coast Water Safety provide the necessary aquatic safety training and CPR course in Perth with complete safety and in-detail maneuvering.  

Children must learn these courses and follow them to avoid the pertinent risks. The more children understand lifeguard training courses, the more they reap the future benefits. Our safe service concerns are the most reliable of all the precautions taken after research and development.

Children understand and learn things faster than an adult. They also usually remember the steps taken in the right direction. That’s why learning a pool lifeguard course in Perth helps them become masters in the aquatic safety training academy.

There are many professional institutions to master life-saving courses. But you can use a few tactics to help children engage in water safety activities. Let’s move on to the next section to discuss the water safety activities you can do at home.

Few Water Safety Activities to Do at Home 

Water safety is a matter of concern as teaching children the theoretical and practical aspects is tough. We at WCWS believe in engaging children in the courses and then imparting knowledge and information by following the process. But when at home, children can try engaging in the following activities mentioned below:

  • Drawing

Children often love to draw and color various things, including lifeguard accessories. Use a specific sea-related color, like green, blue, and sky blue, and ask them to paint. This way, they will learn more about pool lifeguard courses.

  • Connecting Dots

You can draw a safety saddle or lifeguard jacket by connecting the dots and numbers. So, when they connect these dots to form a shape, enlighten them about the importance of the things they draw with certain implementation techniques.

  • Water Safety Crossword/Find a Word Chart

Make a home spell challenge for the children. Help them find the hidden words in the “find a word” chart so they can write only water safety words. When they find out all the words or even a few words, making them understand the importance will be a great way of teaching.

  • Match the pictures Game

Pictures are also great for children to remember and understand practical procedures. With “match the pictures,” you can ask them to find and match all the water safety activities with the equipment required for a particular technique. 

Certain statistics made everyone conscious and aware of the importance of water safety activities for children to learn and practice. The US CDC’s stats reveal that ten deaths happen daily from drowning, of which 5 are children. 

  • According to the same CDC, children of age 1-4 have the highest drowning rate. Of these, 80% are males drowned in swimming pools. That’s why the pool lifeguard course in Perth is necessary for children to reduce unwanted risks. A few more such facts are as follows:
  • Children less than a year old are likelier to drown at home in the bathtub or a bucket at home.

 Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the best water safety activities like aquatic safety training and lifeguard training course, West Coast Water Safety is here to help you achieve your goals. Our pool lifeguard course Perth and CPR course in Perth are a few of the effective and professional services to offer, with perfection achieved with every student.

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