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Aquatic Safety Training Academy

Aquatic Rescue Training Perth

Nowadays, fitness enthusiasts are often seen to aquatic training in their workouts to improve their physical endurance, capacity, and strength. To avoid any fatalities, aquatic safety training is required before entering the realm of aquatic organisms. West Coast Water Safety is an aquatic safety training academy for lifeguards, beach inspectors, hotel workers, rescue training for group 3 categorised pools, and beach skill sessions for school pupils, among other things.

Learning to swim improves one’s chances of avoiding accidents in or near bodies of water. However, being water-safe, on the other hand, entails more than just swimming. Aquatic safety training is crucial because drowning deaths and injuries occur daily in hot tubs and pools at home, on beaches, and in oceans. If you’re a lifeguard, beach inspector, or hotel staff, you should opt for the aquatic safety training academy and beach skill workshops for school children at West Coast Water Safety.

West Coast Aquatic Safety Training Academy

The West Coast- aquatic safety training academy is known for its skills in accident prevention and has quick response expertise. To oversee clients and give immediate first-aid, the West Coast Aquatic Safety Training Academy provides training in all required skills, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR course in Perth), basic water rescue, and emergency treatment. West Coast Aquatic Safety Training offers personalised training to meet individual needs and is for anyone who wants to stay updated on supervision and rescue skills.

Aquatic Safety Training Courses-

Aquatic Rescue For Group 3 Pools

This training is created specifically for swimming pool owners and employees. The aquatic safety training is given to ensure immediate assistance to anyone suffering from an aquatic incident. The training covers basic safety and rescue skills, CPR for adults and children, recovering an object, and rescuing a person from drowning.

At West Coast Water Safety, we aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to execute basic water rescue in a Group 3 pool setting. It is tailored specifically for owners and operators of swimming pools in Western Australia. Opting for this course would cost you around $120 per participant, and it comes with 3 hours of face-to-face aquatic safety training.

Aquatic Safety Training For Hydrotherapy

This course is for physiotherapy students and anyone working in the rehabilitation profession. The program instructs participants on how to recognise various water risks, avoid them, respond to emergency circumstances, and provide immediate medical care to those who have been injured in an aquatic accident.

In this course, participants train in the day-to-day workplace’s unique physical and environmental aspects. Suppose you’re a student in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry. In that case, this aquatic safety training course is for you as it will provide you with the skills and information required to satisfy the needs of that industry. And you could buy this aquatic safety course for just $85.

Surf Life-Saving Skills

Surfers are always eager to go on their surfing adventures. However, one must first complete basic surf life-saving course to ensure optimal beach safety. With the help of the west coast aquatic safety training academy, participants will be able to choose the right and safe spot to surf and learn how to use rescue tubes or boards properly. Participants in this training will learn surf awareness, water rescue operations, and resuscitation techniques to participate in life-saving operations and fulfil the role of Water Safety Personnel.

School Water Safety Program

Children like playing in the water. Still, it is our responsibility to equip them with basic aquatic safety training to prevent serious injury or death. The west coast aquatic safety training academy’s mission is to teach children survival swimming skills so that they may prepare themselves before entering into open water, learn personal safety, empower themselves by making wise decisions, and keep their families and friends safe.

This free, user-friendly online resource introduces students to swimming and water safety fundamentals, training and certification, and self-rescue techniques. Children in elementary schools can benefit greatly from school water safety programs, which teach them the skills they’ll need to stay safe in, on, and around water throughout their lives.

Those in your immediate vicinity are more vulnerable during floods. Our aquatic Safety Training Academy priorities individual safety while providing critical knowledge on what to do in an emergency. Everyone who values a risk-free lifestyle should take our aquatic safety training classes. The training includes supervision, real-world applications, and awareness of how to protect oneself and others from an unknown aquatic risk.

Water events tend to make people susceptible. The West Coast Aquatic Safety Training Academy protects an individual’s safety while providing important information on what to do in a crisis. Everyone who wants to live a risk-free life should take aquatic safety training. The training includes supervision, practical implications, and understanding of how to keep yourself and others safe from the unknown aquatic risk. For more details on west coast aquatic safety training, visit us.