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Perth Western Australia

Aquatic courses in australia

West Coast Water Safety staff comprises the nation’s most skilled and qualified lifeguard team to teach you lessons that can make you a lifesaver. We are experts in first aid, water safety, and event safety and we impart the knowledge to individuals who wish to save lives.

Who are we?

In Australia, Bronze Medallion Perth, WA, employs hundreds of lifeguards at more than 250 locations, making it one of the largest employers of paid lifeguards worldwide. Bronze Medallion Perth, WA, as an aquatic safety training academy, is the peak coastal safety training organization in WA. Through our dedicated teams of safety and rescue services, aquatic safety training academy Perth saves and protects lives on WA beaches.

Every summer, you can see our skilled lifeguards and lifesavers helping the general public with their skills at the beaches along our extensive Western Australian coastline, saving lives and preventing accidents. Professional lifeguards, beach patrol officers, helicopter rescue personnel, paramedics, firefighters, nurses, and a former Bondi lifeguard make up our team.

Wherever you are on the coast, remember: we know the beach best!

Pools employs more than 500 lifeguards each season. Management sets the highest standards and holds its lifeguards accountable for doing their jobs for the safety of swimmers and patrons. We have been in business since 1997 and plan to continue expanding each year.

There will be many opportunities for responsible people who love swimming and spending time outdoors. Check the Lifeguard course to find information about learning how you can be adept at lifesaving skills at the coast and be a lifeguard.

Course Overview

Bronze medallion, lifeguard, and water safety training are all provided by West Coast Water Safety in schools or on-site. Along with first aid, we provide CPR and advanced resuscitation courses, starting with HLTAID001. Do you have learners who have completed certificates 1, 2, 3, or 4? If so, we can travel to you and fulfill all of your first aid and water safety training needs during scheduled class time.

We offer a variety of aquatic training programs for play leaders, group 3 pools, and hydrotherapy. Students, professionals working in business, and lifeguards can all benefit from these courses. Everyone should understand how to avoid drowning and deal with them if they happen. People looking to jumpstart their careers in this field can choose from a number of our courses.

Full Lifeguard Training Course structure

There are no prerequisites for this pool lifeguard training course. Anyone looking to get the credentials they need to work as a lifeguard in Perth, Western Australia can apply for this course.

On Day 1, you get to learn HLTAID003/11, Provide first aid, and on Day 2-3 there; you get the training for Facility Analysis, Scanning, Hazards, Enforcing Rules, CPR with basic oxygen and AED, basic water rescues, and basic and advanced water rescues.

You must possess this skill set to the minimum industry standard (SISSS00111) to be hired as a pool lifeguard, and we are experts in training you not only for the minimum but making you proficient in every skill set.

Course Details

  • You get an opportunity to learn the theory in the online classes that go about 4-6hrs at your convenience.
  • After online training, we allow you to practice everything you learned for 24 hours face to face.
  • The duration of the course is three days or 24 hours.
  • You can join this course individually or in a group. At the very least, five people are required for a group reservation.
  • And the price of the course is just $561.20 AUD.
  • Location: The lifeguard courses are conducted at various locations within WA.
  • Minimum age requirements: 16 years old.

This pool lifeguard training program is a convenient and thorough course can help you avoid serious risks in both money and time. You will receive all the training and credentials you need for the industry to work as a pool lifeguard at a water park in Western Australia. A degree that may open the door to a rewarding career in the aquatic recreation sector.

The fee includes Pool entry, learning and physical resources, and a statement of attainment.

You get training from experts in the field.

Our team has participated in water safety and operational oversight of all the big beach operations you would have heard of. From our professional lifeguards and the crews who lead our helicopter and jet-ski teams to our members who step up to volunteer their time across the season, our people are part of the most well-trained, well-organized, and well-respected lifesaving movement anywhere in the world.

Fitness requirements

The fitness test for pool Lifeguard Course Perth, Lifeguard Training, WA consists of a 400-meter swim, an 800-meter run, a 400-meter rescue board paddle, and an 800-meter run on the beach – all in under 25 minutes.

There’s also a 400-meter pool swim (in a pool no smaller than 25 meters long) in 7.30 minutes or less, as well as a surf scenario involving a rescue board and rescue tube.

Our lifeguards ensure that visitors to aquatic areas are completely safe. In addition to saving swimmers in peril, lifeguards at school water safety Perth WA carry out several other tasks. Additionally, they might participate in initiatives to promote water safety awareness among the general public, find lost children, care for potential risks and take appropriate measures to reduce them.

By preventing and attending to emergencies, lifeguards at Bronze Medallion Perth WA are in charge of general supervision and the safety of visitors to aquatic facilities. Here at the aquatic safety training academy, our lifeguards are expert swimmers who can perform quick water rescues, give consumers information on water safety, and manage disruptive behavior as necessary. When the weather permits, lifeguards are efficient in their work and shifts at beaches and swimming facilities

We are building a nation of rescuers collaborating to prevent drownings in their communities. We intend on working together to stop drownings in all neighborhoods. We encourage the sport of pool lifesaving as a way to foster leadership. We offer you an opportunity to become a part of lifesavers in our society and join the course of aquatic safety training academy in Perth today.