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5 Tips To Know About Water Safety


April 21, 2022 Water Safety

Triathlon water safety Western Australia is a non-profit organisation that defines water safety as the procedures, precautions, and policies associated with safety in, on, and around bodies of water where there is a risk of injury or drowning. It has applications in various sectors, sports, and many other recreational activities. Triathlon water safety Western Australia encourages a strong membership structure to train like-minded people for water safety.

Here are five tips

  • Learn the basics of swim lessons: Swim lessons help to save lives. It would be one of the most valuable skills to learn. Many organisations provide services such as event water safety and first aid services and offer affordable lifeguard training courses through the local training centre.
  • Life jackets are the life saviors: When in or around a water body, wear a life jacket certified by the top coast guard standard. Before making use of them make sure that life jackets are in good condition and know the usage standards for children as well as adults.
  • Natural and artificial water recreation source: There is a difference between swimming in natural water and a pool. A river current or an ocean wave can be powerful enough to sweep away even the most experienced swimmers, including those wearing life jackets at times.
  • Look before you leap: Be aware of the place you are in. Carefully observe and know the depth of water and its force before you jump or dive. Don’t swim or boat alone, take a group or swimming companion before any water activity.
  • CPR and other first aid techniques: Learn CPR and rescue techniques and the know-how to respond to emergencies. Water safety WA presents a multitude of sets of life-saving guidelines, with CPR being one of the most important. Organisations such as West Coast First Aid Training offer accredited courses in CPR and a variety of other first-aid methods to participants.

Floating or treading in water can help you save a life. Never drink alcohol before engaging in any water-based activity, enhance risk-taking behavior, keep a close eye on youngsters near any water body, become familiar with beach signboards, and never drive water vehicles when the current is strong enough to sweep water vehicles and you away.

Importance of water safety in WA

  • On average, 34 people drown to death in Western Australia per year.
  • Most coastal drowning deaths in Western Australia occur in regional or remote areas where there is no presence of lifesavers to save lives in an emergency.
  • High-risk places include beaches, ocean, harbor environments, and inland waterways such as rivers, creeks, and streams.
  • 36% of drownings occurred either during boating or due to falls in the water.

By practicing proper water safety measures and first aid procedures, the loss of lives can be avoided.

Event water safety and first aid services conduct successful events and provide quality water safety services according to the water safety WA standards. We provide professional lifeguard services, patrolling on beaches, school programs, exceptional informative training and courses on water safety and first aid, public speaking events, medics and nurses, awareness in the community, and sports carnivals, events, and related activities.

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