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Water Safety Tips- How To Throw A Pool Party Safely?


November 23, 2021 Water Safety

A swimming pool in the backyard can be a great gathering place to throw a pool party safely for friends and family. But with all the fun and excitement, these parties also bring risks and responsibilities. You don’t want your pool party to be remembered with an incident of drowning, now do you? Stick to the article if you wish to have some tips for a safe pool party. 

Pay attention to the invitation 

It is advised that you have an invitation-only allowance. That makes the process safer. See that the invitation you circulate is crystal clear regarding aspects like pool information and expectations. Mention details of your pool, make them use USCG-approved life-jackets mandatorily for children, non-swimmers, and weak swimmers, make parents responsible for their children’s safety, etc.

If you put such information on the invitation cards, you are already adding a layer of protection. This way, you can convey the risks and expectations without having awkward conversations. The attendants will be aware of their responsibilities and risks.

Inspect your pool area to ensure that there is no danger

A thorough inspection of your pool and the area around it is a must. Pay attention to every detail. Check if the water is clear; or if anything is broken and needs to be fixed. Ensure that your pool meets all the code requirements. Pay attention to the fence, lights, alarms, gates, and every little thing. Even the smallest of these things can be used against you if an unfortunate incident occurs.

Do not skip the part of the safety briefing 

Yes! This is an essential aspect of a pool party, and people often tend to skip it. To minimize the chaos and risks, you shall sit everyone down before the party begins and give a proper briefing about the smallest details. 

Make sure you let the kids know of their roles, such as no diving, being in the pool only with parents or pool lifeguards, breaks during the sessions, life jackets, the concept of the buddy system, etc. Make this very clear to them that they are not supposed to go and help; but are supposed to find an adult. 

Restricted Access

Installing restrictive equipment like fences and door alarms along the pool area is a great way to prevent accidents. We understand that the fences are not one of the most desirable things in a party-like event, but in no circumstances shall you ignore them. They are there to restrict unauthorized people or non-swimmers from entering the pool area. Not keeping these fences would only increase your risk as a party host.

See to it that you are specifically particular about the timings. Ensure that you restrict any access to the pool during any ceremony like cake cutting, etc. The door alarm would come in handy with this as they will start buzzing if a child or anyone goes in the area. 

Pool lifeguards are a must

Never throw a pool party without having multiple pool lifeguards around the pool. They are one of the most important parts of the party. Please note that it is not always sufficient to have just one water watcher in the area. Take some aspects like pool size, shape, visibility, etc., into consideration and choose the number of pool lifeguards accordingly. 

It would serve you even better if you ensured that the parents had eyes on their children despite the presence of pool lifeguards. The more eyes you have, the safer the whole event becomes. 

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