Everything You Ever Needed To Know About First Aid Training and Certification

We have witnessed many accidents and illnesses while on the streets or in the workplace. In such a scenario, the first ideal step after calling 000 would be giving first aid to the injured. 

What is first aid?

First aid refers to the immediate course of action one takes to provide care and support to the injured before professional medical help arrives.

Depending upon the type of injury and the severity of the injury, we decide what kind of aid one should provide. Giving first aid can make a significant difference for the injured. You can save a life with your careful actions.

Why is it essential to have first aid training and a certificate?

The course of action that you take directly affects the condition of the injured. With no first aid training, you can only perform basic tasks like identification, calling for medical assistance, saving the victim from extra hazards. In case of a severe accident, you may get guidance from emergency system dispatchers to perform CPR or use an ADE.

However, delay in giving medical care or providing first aid with partial knowledge is risky and dangerous. It is necessary to know the use of the tools in a first aid kit, when to use them, and what vital skills and techniques are required to handle a specific injury.

First aid training enables you to confidently and carefully help people in need.

West Coast Water Safety (WCWS) offers you a fully customizable group first aid training course. You choose the time and place we offer you certified training according to your needs – for both freshers and re-qualification. Log on to our website, contact us and get your First Aid Certificate Perth 450 2660000 in a few easy steps.

Here are a few crucial things that you should know about first aid training and certification:

1. There are many first aid courses available. To choose the right course, it is essential to know the environmental requirements and position’s requirements. It is necessary to know what skills one requires to deal with hazards and work on them.After getting a first-aid certificate, one should revisit the learned skills formally and apply for re-qualification. Usually, it is done every three years to maintain the title of a certified first aid giver.

2. First aid courses train people to deal with cuts, wounds, cardiac and respiratory problems, and many more. Before getting into a formal training course, it is important to know your capabilities when looking at blood or injury directly.

3. From conducting training for school children to churches, WCWS will understand your environment needs and compose a course that will give you excellent skills and a First Aid Certificate Perth 450 260000.

WCWS is a team of the most experienced lifeguards and event safety guards in Australia. With the large crew with people from various safety disciplines on board, we ensure complete security to around 1.5 million people every year. We understand the need for safety and work to save lives and make our fellows able to save lives. With our First Aid Certificate Perth 450 260000, we promise to make every trainee a confident and skilled first aider.

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Senior First Aid Courses and Training

Senior First Aid is the first and immediate medical assistance given to a senior person suffering from either minor or serious illness or injury. The first aid is provided with care to preserve the life of the injured ones. It prevents the condition from worsening and promotes recovery. Senior First Aid Course Geraldton 370 92000 are the specialized courses one may take to receive first aid skills and knowledge. 

Senior first aid training is an opportunity to discover how to do some life-saving things. The most common skill one expects to gain from such a course is how to perform CPR. There are many other skills and learnings one may gain from such courses and training. Here are some most crucial and life-saving skills one can learn from Senior First Aid Course Geraldton 370 92000:

CPR and AED 

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) has become seemingly common and the most crucial technique today that one expects to learn from first aid courses and training. CPR and AED training are two different yet very effective processes of saving the life of someone suffering from cardiac arrest. CPR is kind of like a manual heartbeat, which is an act of repeatedly compressing a person’s chest to keep the blood pumping. 

CPR training helps individuals learn how many compressions should be given between each breadth and how deep each compression should be. Besides, one will also learn about AED, a machine that can restart the heart that ultimately doubles the patient’s chance of survival. Senior First Aid Course Geraldton 370 92000 will provide all the basic knowledge on operating on these life-saving devices.

Wound care

First aid courses and training teach you how to bandage wounds correctly, treat bruises & burns, and care for other face & chest wounds. These are the simple skills that one should learn to stay prepared in case of emergencies.


One needs to be properly equipped to deal with deadly poisons. A person may get ingested from carbon monoxide poisoning, toxic plant exposure, stings, bites, and more. And the treatment of such poisoning demands immediate actions. Therefore, one must have the proper knowledge to identify the type and care for it. One must also know when to look for assistance and how to salvage the situation before it arrives. 

Choking and breathing emergencies

Whether someone is six months, 16 years, or 60 years old, they can all experience choking. It is the effect of the food getting stuck in the throats or when someone consumes something to which he/she is allergic and requires immediate action as this can cause breathing problems and may lead to death if not treated immediately. In the first aid course and training, one will learn how to act in these situations. Besides, one can also learn about other breathing emergencies and offer aid to those with asthma and anaphylaxis.

Body injuries

The senior first aid course and training will provide the basic knowledge on how to aid those with body injuries and what medical assistance is required during these cases. And if the injuries are severe or minor if the injured need more medical assistance or hospitalization. 

Sudden medical emergencies

The course also assists on what to do during sudden medical emergencies, for example, diabetic emergencies, seizures, mental health emergencies, heart attacks, etc. Older people are more vulnerable to these sudden medical emergencies. 

Whatever is taught in Senior First Aid Course Geraldton 370 92000 can be applied in any medical situation requiring first aid treatment. West Coast Water Safety takes the time to educate people on what to do in emergencies and how to take care of the injured ones. The course helps individuals gain the skills that could further help others and feel confident when an emergency occurs.