We Empower You With Water Competency

Accidents can occur in any body of water, from swimming pools to the ocean, in the blink of an eye. Anyone can drown at any point in time, from the most experienced swimmers to beginners. It is important to achieve water competency. Every day, drowning deaths and injuries occur in hot tubs, swimming pools, beaches, lakes, rivers, streams, bathtubs, and even buckets. Through the aquatic safety training academy, we empower you to take action and save lives. 

Water activities can be safer and more fun. In the Red Cross’s opinion, by working together to improve water competency, which includes swimming abilities, water smarts, and aiding others, we can help save more lives.

Understanding Water Competency 

Acquiring basic water safety skills to make you safer in and near the water, avoiding common hazards, and being aware of how to prevent and deal with drowning crises are all parts of developing water competency. Through the aquatic safety training academy, you will be fully equipped with water competency. The three essential elements of water competency are water smarts, swimming skills, and helping others. 

Water Smarts

One of the most vital aspects of this component is to take some precautions when you are in the water as well as when you are around people who are in the water. Some of them include not swimming alone, not swimming when you are under the influence and so on

Swimming Skills

These include some essential skills needed for any swimmer. Some skills include being aware of ways to ask for help, moving above your head rather than moving towards the surface, learning to float across the water for 1 minute and so on. Through the aquatic safety training academy, you will be able to learn these essential skills. 

Helping Others

You can learn some skills to assist others in times of emergency. Some of them include keeping an eye on children and beginners swimming to ensure that they are not in any danger of sorts. If you are looking to help someone who is drowning, you must also be aware of the signs of drowning. 

Being aware of how to execute and save and provide assistance to them in an appropriate emergency is of vital importance. You must be aware of how to provide CPR and first aid. Through the aquatic safety training academy, you will be able to successfully execute these manoeuvres with confidence. 

Water Safety Tips

Given below are a few tips that will assist you in helping others while also ensuring that you’re safe –

  • Do not swim alone
  • Ensure that you supervise those who are less experienced swimmers. 
  • Ensure that you do not swim under any influence of drugs 
  • Avoid swimming in water bodies when there are strong currents. 
  • If you are not confident in your swimming, ensure that you have a more knowledgeable other by your side or supervising. 

Get the Right Aquatic Training With Us

Through the aquatic safety training academy, learn all about Water competency, a basic life skill that one must have to save themselves and provide help for others. We provide various courses on water safety, such as hydrotherapy, play leaders and so on. We have nationally recognized certifications for the same. West Coast Water Safety is dedicated to empowering individuals by educating them on water competency. 

Ultimate Guide To CPR Courses In Perth

Many professions recommend first aid certification. Nearly 339 Australians are drowning victims, and an estimated 686 non-fatal drowning accidents occur. Only 26 percent of Australians know CPR and are confident in their abilities. Through a CPR course in Perth, you will be able to learn this essential skill. We at West Coast Water Safety strive to provide quality services, particularly catering to aquatic scenarios. 

Aquatic Rescue for Group 3 Pools

The Code of Practice for the Design Construction, Operation, Management, and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities in Western Australia has particular requirements for patron rescue that are addressed by this course on aquatic rescue for group 3 pools. Owners/operators of Group 3 (non-lifeguarded) swimming pools in Western Australia and their staff are the target audience.

The participant gains the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to a cry for assistance as promptly as possible, reducing the possibility that they would sustain long-term harm due to an aquatic incident or accident. In a Group 3 pool, participants will learn how to carry out fundamental water rescues. It is one of the best CPR courses in Perth offered by West Coast Water Safety. After completion of the course content, you will develop the following skills:

  • Develop an understanding of respiratory failure and how to perform rescue breathing for a minute
  • How to remove the person from the water with the help of a person nearby. 
  • The methods to remove and revive a person located in the deepest part of the pool.   

Learn basic life support with our integrated course. We provide some of the best CPR courses in Perth at West Coast Water Safety. 

Pool Lifeguard Training Course

This convenient and intensive program for pool lifeguard training can help you save time and money. It gives you all the professional credentials needed to operate as a Pool Lifeguard in a water park in Western Australia. 

It can help you deal with a variety of situations. The CPR course in Perth is one course that you must take. West Coast Water Safety trains you to provide necessary life support. 


Learning about CPR courses in Perth as part of your lifeguard training will help you expand your network further by making it simpler for you to get in touch with local lifeguards who might require assistance in an emergency. West Coast Water Safety is dedicated to training individuals through excellent courses for all Australians. West Coast Water Safety is considered the best first aid course provider across Australia in cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, and Tasmania. The courses have been developed to incorporate context-specific training.